Ilford Printer Profiles

Ilford’s Website is again Providing ICC Printer Profiles

I am pleased to have been able to host some profiles during a time they were not widely available. Ilford has been bought by a new owner and profiles are again available from their website. I have removed them here and will soon remove this page entirely.

I am grateful to those of you who were kind enough to donate profiles for this page when they were needed. Thank you.

Here is a link to Ilford’s ICC profile page: 



  1. Chip Hampton

    if you cannot locate a profile and must have one, I’ll make a profile for you. Email me and we can talk details. Cost is $0 for Ilford paper.

    • Anne Greenwood

      Hi there, I am hoping you may be able to help with a couple of ilford galerie ICC profiles for a Canon MP990 printer.
      I just purchased a large box of prestige smooth pearl 310gsm and did not know that their website does not work anymore! I also need a profile for the old smooth gloss 290gsm.
      Many thanks

    • Darius

      Hi Chip!
      I badly need the Epson Stylus Photo R1900 icc profile for ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Gloss 310GSM.
      I am hoping, you could provide me with a download-link, or just send ist to my eMail-account.
      Many thanks

    • Brad

      I found this doing a web search looking for ilford profiles, do you have any for canon pixma pro 9500 MII

      • Bill

        Brad, I have profiles for the PIXMA Pro9500 MkII and will try to get around to uploading them tomorrow. I also have profiles for the Canon i9900.

        • Walter

          I also am looking for the Gold Fibre Silk profile for the Canon 9500 II

          • Bill

            I emailed that one and all of the others for the 9500 II, but it might take a while for Richard to update the page.


            It’s now posted on the Ilford profile page. Enjoy!

        • Andrew

          Hi Bill,

          I see that you have Ilford profiles for the Canon i9900? I’m looking for one for Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Gloss (13×19 300 GSM). I’ve previously used the Ilford Printasia, but they no longer make that. It was a bit lighter (254GSM) and a 10mm or so caliper. I assume that you’ve experienced no issues with the 12mm caliper?

          Any other tips that you might have would be gratefully received. I’m on a Mac using Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 5.7.

          thanks much


    • chip

      thanks for the info and your assistance. i’ve been in the dark with the Ilford mess, ran out of my smooth pearl, and found out prestige replaced it….great!!! ordered some and then went to Ilford website to download profile for my Canon ipf 6300….no can do, they’ve disabled it i guess.

      so, my dilemma is not knowing if the profile for the prestige is the same as the old valerie smooth pearl…if it is, great…if not, c an you do a profile for the prestige for my 6300? and what would be your price?

      • Chip Hampton

        As far as I know, the ‘Prestige’ change was really just a marketing/branding re-position of the product w/o any actual changes to the material.

    • Any chance you could help me out with the ICC profile for Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Lustre Duo For the Epson 3880 printer. Just bought a box of 13×19 and had no idea the profiles were not available on their site.

    • Graham Budd

      Hi Chip
      Can you recommend the closest Ilford Galerie Classic Gloss profile for the Pro-100.
      Kind regards

    • Nick

      Hi Chip,

      Can I get the icc for the Gallerie Classic Gloss. It is not on the Ilford site


    • susana

      Hi I’m trying to download the ilford profile for galerie fiber silk 310 gsm paper and cannot download it from the website. Tried several browsers. I have an epson sc p800

    • Rich B

      Do you have a profile for Ilford Galerie Classic Pearl for the Canon Pixma Pro-100 and the Epson Stylus Photo 1400?

      Would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Mr. Hampton,

      Thanks for your website since I´m also trying to find an icc-profile für my Epson 3880 printer and the old Galerie smooth gloss paper.
      Can you still help?


  2. Walter

    I would appreciate the profile for Gold Fibre Silk for the Canon 9500 MkII Thanks.

  3. Thanks for a great service.

  4. portitup

    Apologies if I wrote to you earlier. Yes, I’m going around the web looking for icc for the older Classic Gloss paper, with Epson r2880, and also any instructions that you/someone may have downloaded when Ilford’s site was still working.
    Much appreciate information, etc.

    P.S. I do have the profile for the Classic Smooth Luster or Pearl (sorry, the box is in another building), which I enclose: but it looks like I’ll need an exact email address.
    Here is its name: IGSPP9_EPR2880_EPGn.icc

  5. Glenn McCreery

    I have three ICC profiles for Epson R2880 printers that I can contribute, but I need an eMail address to send them to.

  6. Hi Richard, I have an Epson R2400 and some lovely Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl but no profile, is it possible to get one please,

  7. Hi there I would love the profile for the Epson Stylus Photo 1410 and Ilford Galerie smooth pearl if you have it. Thank so much!!

  8. Ilford Printer Profile Request

    I need the ICC Printer Profile for my Epson WP4090 printer. I use Ilford Galerie Professional Inkjet, Prestige, Product Code: GPSPP, Gold Fibre Silk, 310 GSM, 315 Micron, 8.5″ x 11″, 50 sheet box. The ICC Printer Profile is not shown in your Printer Profiles on your web page. My printer is not even listed.

    William Jefferson
    3600 S. College Rd.
    Ste E-182
    Wilmington, NC 28412

    Phone: (910) 859-0003

  9. Joe Caffery

    I need a profile for Ilford Galerie Classic Pearl. Can anyone help?

  10. Joe Caffery

    Addition to my previous post- forgot to mention it’s for an Epson 3880

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